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Posted by ETHERHOLE on Selasa, Juli 30, 2019
Hello friends have not met in Steemit for a long time, after all the various activities that I have gone through, and at the end I am now back hehehe, how are you all! hope all here gets good news.
On this occasion I would like to write an article / review of crypto / blockchain technology-based application products.
This application is the first application of many applications related to blockchain technology whose functions are very different and unique.
An Application on Android, IOS, maybe even PC / windows / mac that functions as a Scanner / Optical Reader for the Blockchain label or some kind of barcode scanner / reader and the like.
Hmmmm, it's very interesting, isn't it, and I think it provides convenience for every user who wants a sophisticated barcode / label reader device on the crypto / blockchain network.
Before discussing in more detail, let's prepare coffee and snacks first.
Ok, the application is called Authoreon.
What is Authoreon? 
I will briefly describe the definition of Authereon, or if you want to learn more, please visit or
 The Authoreon App is a simple and user-friendly free app that lets you easily create and scan Authoreons' A-ID. Just launch the app and point your camera at the A-ID. The A-ID Scanner is very quick and provides accurate results on the fly. It supports all types of information the A-ID might contain.
Authoreon is all aboout protecting Authenticity & Trust. The Authoreon A-ID enables you to verify, authorize, authenticate or certify any identity or asset – fast, seamlessly and securely on the Blockchain.  
Great !! you can see from the definition of the Authoreon, it's amazing and easy isn't it
What features and uses are contained in the Authereon?
1.  Brand Protection
Authorize your retail and let your customers verify original products against counterfeits by scanning the unique surface structure. 
2.  A self-managed Identity
Regain full control over your personal data, grant selective access and enable instant registrations, logins and checkouts. 
3.  Art Protection
Protect and verify your original artwork against art forgery by adding a unique-like-a-fingerprint optical-surface-scan. 
4.  Secure File Storage
Store sensitive files and documents securely on the blockchain and grant selective access to authorized parties. 
5.  Traceability
Track and trace assets, products and processes through supply and ownership chains. Every step is verifiable on the Blockchain. 
 6. Certificates
Create and verify all sorts of certificates on the blockchain to prevent fakes and forgeries, as well as to provide more information. 
Well, that's a glimpse of a review of the Authereon from me, but in my opinion this is a cool application, as a code generator too, very useful for protecting our crypto assets.
Oh yeah, now Authereon is available and ready for Android and iOSdownloads.
And of course because Authereon is an application and also an ethereum-based token, Authereon is in the process of also selling Authereontokens at bitcointalk, I hope we can all have the authereon token as well as the application.
I think this enough for Authereon description, Hoping U are enjoy it, and have a nice day  and don't forget for visiting update information regarding Authereon .
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Thank U ;)
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