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Posted by ETHERHOLE on Kamis, September 13, 2018
HiBTC (Shared digital Asset Trading Platform)

Hi friend, there is the latest news from the world of Crypto, yes that is by presence of an Exchanger and ICO developer offers a breakthrough new and fresh look.

HiBTC there's an exchanger with a high-tech platform that guarantees the security of each user, user privacy, the buying and selling of digital asset crypto securely and comfortably. HiBTC also ensures security for each user to invest without worrying about the security of their assets because HiBTC already come with the level of security and privacy.

HiBTC can also introduce  "Dividend Bonus Program ". Users can voluntarily enroll in software with aspects or all HIBT, who may get pleasure from the proportion of bonus dividends in addition to the dividend fundamentals. While consumers perform transactions on the platform, in addition to getting a goal, perhaps assets would also accept the [mining produces HIBT + fundamental + bonus dividends dividends]. All information mining and dividend information above may be published in real-time and clear and accessible. 

In addition to having a plan of Exchanger, HiBTC also makes a concept of ICO, ICO Yes a very profitable investment for every employee of Crypto-lovers.
Let's peel a little bit about what that Token HIBTC,

HiBTC Token Information

   HiBTC Token (HIBT) is a simple token issued by the HiBTC platform, no longer in the form of a simple virtual as an asset, but also as an addition to the HITBTC platform. Collateral to the sales platforms typically allocate to all holders of HIBT; at the same time, mining style  "+ transaction token holding"  ( "proof of mining hours + evidence of equity ") was adopted, and 50% of the HIBT published provided to customers through the mining payment transaction processing.

Wowww very different and convincing ...

Trade as Mining 

50% Mining trade as a HIBTC Token (HIBT) provided to the customer through the process of buying and selling. Users get volume HIBT while they buy and sell on the HIBTC Exchange. Every time when consumers buy and sell commissions, HIBTC will present the volume of the HIBT. Three key points decided how much the consumer can be obtained HIBT. One of them is the purchase and sale of commissions paid, another one is the price of the HIBT's latest, the last one is the speed of repayment. For example, while John bought 1,000 Bitcoin (BTC) on HIBTC, HIBTC will be charged 0.1%, which in this case may 1 Bitcoin. When HIBTC acquired the Commission payments which can happen unexpectedly after John put an end to the trade, HIBTC will present the John with 1 value of Bitcoin HIBT, if the speed of repayment (%) is 100%. This prize may be launched every one hour. Users can develop their miners value by improving the balance of preservation of the HIBT, better class miners get return payment better and better mining restrictions each hour. To maintain a pattern of long term and secure platform, HIBTC will limit the volume of mining per hour for each account. HiBTC will be committed on the creative style of the typical HIBT and strive to deliver the increase in selling price and extra sales as well as the abundant income for investors. 


Token Allocation 

Total supply: 10 billion 
50%, the levy reward Trade-fee of 
18%, the holder of the share Fund 
25%, staff the founder and strategic partners 
5%,   Cornerstone investors 
2%, market Promotion

Profit sharing

HiBTC will arrange for collection of prizes increases along with rising income Exchange. HiBTC will be positioned 100 PCs of dividends every day from your account's "Joint Fund Holders " into the bonus pool, every day is earlier than the price posed humans. After the pond is triggered, HIBTs buy and sell contributors that day may be distributed all the gifts in the pond.

HiBTC guarantee for usually allocate sales platform to all the holders of the remaining aspects of the HIBT, and may be used for the operation of the platform. Without the establishment of a Board of directors or the shareholders ' meeting, the right decision to take decisions on important issues, rights sales, rights management, etc. Will be really more to the holder of the HIBT. HiBTC will describe the position of the HIBT keep all customers and calculate the dividend distribution scheme based on sales platforms in the hours and the HIBT ratio held by each user. Daily accumulated dividends can be launched the next day. HiBTC will publish all the information that is comparable to interest consumers in real-time or typical, adding but is no longer limited to transaction data platform, sales data, data mining, and data to the vote, which must be Predictably, can be tracked, and can be verified. We simply practice the transparency, fairness, and honesty.

Here's a Roadmap of HiBTC

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