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Hello Crypto World, on this occasion I would like to preach about a new breakthrough with regard to the Smart System Contract, yes Contractium a new breakthrough in the world of smart contracts, it's possible you as a user to be able to perform various access and convenience, security, to create a payment schedule and create a schedule of appointments and many features presented by

Contractium has the vision and mission of a very Futuristic which are:

Help contracter & contractee sign the commercial smart contract easily & trustfully.
Make smart commercial contract easy & secured.
Help users earn extra money with their online consumption.

Internet users ' smart contract application.
Eliminating print contract.
Replacing traditional online rewards/bonus system.

It can be seen that Contractium brings the vision and mission that make it easy for users to get the latest technology, guaranteed security and secure protection.

Let us examine for a moment what is a Contractium?

Contractium is a software that based on decentralized Ethereum smart contract.
Contractium helps general users create smart contract easily, securely and trustless to work together, without technical skills.
Contractium helps business users issue tokens easily on blockchain network, firstly on Ethereum network, without technical skills.

Wow very interesting and very indulgent user, this is what is actually needed by users around the world, and the answer is
Now it's time to vote, and the right choice is Contractium. Why should Contractium?
The answer is because at this moment Ethereum's blockchain technology based on the Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm and now it is planning to switch to Proof of Stake (post). It's the reason why contractium is created, which is based on Ethereum with the Proof-of-Contract (PoC) algorithm.

Today we believe in the next generation of smart contracts and we are building an ethereum smart-contract-based technology to secure commercial deal between contracter and contractee on the internet with Proof-of-Contract protocol.

Do you still doubt the Contractium?

This is a company legally can be seen in the company's information below:

Registration No. 20182254C Address:
68 Circular Road,
Singapore (049422)
Country of Incorporation: British Virgin Islands
BVI Company Number: 1980420
Date of Incorporation: 24 May 2018
Registered Office Address: Unit 8, 3/f., Qwomar Trading Complex, Blackburne Road, Port Purcell, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands VG1110.


The detail of Contractium tokens:  

Token symbol: CTU   
Token supply: 3,000,000,000   
Token for sales: 1,500,000,000   
ICO token-price: 0.1 ETH = 15,000 CTU   

Token allocation:

Pre-ICO & ICO: 900,000,000   
Contractium Team: 200,000,000   
Foundation reserved: 100,000,000  
Advisors & Partners: 100,000,000  
Bounty & Marketing: 200,000,000  

The ICO event has 4 periods as followed:  

Private Sales: From 7th July 2018 to August 2018 ( as planned)  
Pre-Sales: From August 2018 to September 2018 (as planned)  
Public Sales: From September 2018 to October 2018 (as planned)  
Token Sales: From October 2018 to November 2018 (as planned)  

Each of the 4 ICO periods  has each bonus rate as followed:
Private Sales: + 65% bonus.  
Pre-Sales: + 45% bonus.  
Public Sales: + 25% bonus.  
Token Sales: + 15% bonus.  
(We save the marketing budget as much as we can to increase the bonus, bounty & airdrop for early investors via ICO events)  

Target sales of each ICO periods as followed:  

Private Sales: 15% of the fund.  
Pre-Sales: 25% of the fund.  
Public Sales: 35% of the fund.  
Token Sales: 25% of the fund.   

Hmm Very very Fantastic , It is absolutely not lucky if you as a lover of crypto does not follow the event and ICO from Contractium... hehehe.

Ok.. this is Contractium Document list you must know , just click link below and enjoy read 



ICO page

Mobile app store

Social media account:
Youtube channel:
Twitter account of CEO: 
Bitcointalk :

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Contractium Bounty link below :

Ok. Good Day and enjoy your Vibe's 
And dont forget INVEST now !!! 

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