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Posted by ETHERHOLE on Kamis, November 16, 2017

Hello Crypto World , 
Today I want introduce to you about new exchange platform, Yeah sound gud right ... hehe.
Any need Easy Exchange Platform that allows for near-instant and secure exchanges ,anywhere around the world ? 
The Answer is "Yes Very Need It " and The Solution can found on New exchange platform called HAWALA TODAY EXCHANGE .
Hawala having good Features , and it available also on APP **Android and IOS*.
Ok here's for detail 

What is Hawala.Today?

A P2P crypto-fiat currency exchange platform which allows for near-instant and secure exchanges, anywhere around the world. With the help of the exchange’s discovery mode, buyers and sellers can find each other with a single click. Once a request to buy/sell is made, Hawala.Today sends out notifications to the nearest buyer or seller resulting in a quick exchange with no intermediaries.

15% Accumulation Interest

In the first year, Hawala tokens in the wallet accumulate 15% interest. Each subsequent year will see a steady decrease until the rate drops down to 7.25% each year.

Discover Instantly Find Nearby Buyers & Sellers

A simple and user-friendly app lets you search your area for available buyers and sellers. Users will carry a trust rating based on their past interactions. The Cash Out option lets you convert coin to cash in moments.

Anti Money Laundering Screening

Users will undergo a verification process as per the AML criteria. Verified users will be able to transact amounts over USD 600.

Completely Anonymous Interactions

All interactions through Hawala.Today will be anonymous on the trusted Ethereum platform, ensuring security and privacy.

Buy & Sell Cryptos Nearby

P2P exchange allows for a lot of unnecessary fees and tariffs to be avoided since there are no intermediaries. This is especially true for majority countries in the world where financial dealings are much more complicated. Hawala.Today solves this by removing the hindering elements and connecting two people who want to buy and sell.
Users can make better assessments while entering an exchange with one another, with the help of the trust rating system. After each interaction users will be able to rate their experience.
Hawala.Today expands upon the increasing need for efficient and easy crypto-fiat conversions. Beginning with Bitcoin, the platform aims to eventually support all ERC-20 currencies in its exchange.

More Than Just A Platform

    •  Accumulate Interest up to 15%
    •  Built upon trusted Ethereum Network
    •  P2P Transactions Ensure No Intermediaries & Low, One-Time Fee
    •  Search Instantly For Sellers/buyers Using the App
    •  P2P Assets Exchange Contracts
    •  Trust Rating System in assessing potential transactions
    •  Anti-Money Laundering Screening
    •  Completely Anonymous P2P Interactions
    •  Global Reach
    •  Cash Cards

Development Roadmap

Hawala.Today employs the Agile Software Development model where everyone is delegated a variety of tasks and a single coherent vision.


 Q2-Q4 2017
  •  Concept & Research for the P2P exchange
  •  Website & Prototype Development
  •  Exchange Listing & Airdrops
  •  Testing for PoS Model
  • Execution

     Q1 2018
    •  Website Rebranding
    •  Marketing Campaigns
    •  Hawala.Today Wallet (Mobile/Desktop)
    •  Coin Swap
    •  PoS Implementation
    •  Mobile App Development (Android/iOS)
    •  3rd-Party Identity & Security Platform Integration
    •  Alpha Testing for Mobile App (25 community testers)

  • Limited Beta Testing & Security

     Q2 2018
    •  Beta Release of Android/iOS Builds (community only)
    •  Security/AML/KYC Implementation
    •  BTC/ETC Wallet Integration
    •  Marketing Campaigns

  • Implementation

     Q2 2018
    •  ERC-20 Token Implementation
    •  Development Tokens for Year 2 Unlocked
    •  Marketing Campaigns
    •  On-Demand Cryptocurrency Listings


  • Official Website : http://hawala.today/
  • Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/hawalatoday
  • Twitter : https://twitter.com/hawalatoday
    Telegram : https://t.me/hawala_chat
  • Bitcointalk Forum : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2285591.0
  • Slack : https://goo.gl/GKeBci

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